We love horses! 

We do what we do because horses are our passion, and we are committed to making sure that all the horses here at Butlers Hill Farm are kept comfortable and safe. 
Our equine haven offers superior services and fantastic facilities, where we pride ourselves on our professional caring staff. We provide this to all the horses who are lucky enough to call Butlers Hill Farm 'home'... whether they're our own or someone else's. 
If you need a professional and loving home for your equestrian partner, Butlers Hill Farm would love to fill that role for you. 
My dream has come true! 
Joe Chapman has been involved with horses all her life, and has kept them on both DIY and full care livery. 
She is familiar with not having the time to care for her own horse and the guilt of not seeing and spending time with them.  
But as with so many of us, her career progressed and it was the only way to ensure her own much-loved horse was looked after. 
In 2018, Joe was lucky enough to be able to retire early and pursue her dream of buying and designing her own boutique livery yard.  
Since then, she has been renovating Butlers Hill Farm over the last 12 months and it is now an amazing equine facility and home. 
It’s the little things that make it great 
Every detail at Butlers Hill has been thought through, from the saddle rack height in the tack room, to the rug dryers and large equipment storage areas, not to mention the client kitchen and yurt! 

A stress free, professional and welcoming environment 

Not only did Joe want the standards to be high, she also wanted to keep the yard stress free, welcoming and loving for the horses. 
Even though Joe has over 100 acres, she has kept her livery facilities for just a few lucky horses, with only 10 retirement livery spaces and 8 full care liveries. This ensures the yard is never noisy or busy and there is enough time for staff to give a truly individual service. 
Her head groom Sarah is fully qualified, calm and friendly, and she is always happy to assist clients and chat about the daily lives of their horses. 
If you would like to join the horse family at Butlers Hill Farm, then please contact Joe and she will be happy to discuss a livery service that suits you and your horse. 
Please see below for some photos of the lovely horses who currently call Butlers Hill Farm home, as well as some other pictures of the wider equestrian community we’re involved with in Cheltenham and the surrounding area… 

Our Facilities 

Butlers Hill Farm is situated within the Cotswold Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty between Cheltenham and Cirencester.  
It has excellent access and communications, yet sits in dramatic undulating countryside between the villages of Colesbourne and Cowley. 
Situated to the rear of the farmhouse with a separate access, the equestrian facilities and buildings are mostly of portal frame construction with concrete floors. 
The main yard block currently houses 8 loose boxes and feed stores, whilst another building has recently been converted into an indoor arena. In addition, there is an all-weather arena which enjoys superb views down the valley. 
All of this is capped-off with over 100 acres of beautiful Cotswolds countryside, providing grazing pastures and some excellent hacking tracks. 
We have paddocks of quality grazing with suitable companions or smaller paddocks available with company for restricted grazing, according to requirements. We also have laminitic sand paddocks for zero grazing. All paddocks are regularly attended to, ensuring the highest quality grazing. 
Safety is of great importance to us, and all fields are maintained to a high level, with all paddocks fenced with stock fence and/or high quality electric tape. The owners of Butlers Hill Farm, as well as some members of staff, live on site to provide 24/7 supervision. 
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